13Love to you and yours,

I humbly present to you, Sirius Sun Chandlery™, providing all natural beeswax candles, for the home and abroad. Our candles use organic, beeswax coated, hemp wicks, which burn slower and cleaner than the conventional alternatives. This means a greatly reduced exposure to the toxic chemicals that are typically produced by candle flames, as well as a warm natural glow that can easily be extinguished with a damp thumb and fore finger. With several styles, some infused with essential oils, we aim to satisfy your candle needs now and into the future as we grow and evolve.

Bring in the Sabbath with peace of mind, relax and enjoy the restful times. If the power goes out, don’t worry or pout, faith in yourself and Th Most High Elohyim will erase all doubts!


Heroo Malkiel Bey™, Chandler At Your Service

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